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Hill is on trial for five charges, including four felonies, the most serious being predatory sexual assault against a child, a class A-I felony, which carries with it a sentence of 25 years to life behind bars.Before taking the stand, the girl, who will be turing 11 in June, could be heard crying just outside the doors of the courtroom.Many anti-racists, just as blindly furious, assert race and ethnicity have nothing to do with what happened. The rapists’ relatives and community leaders stand by their men.They believe the blokes took what was freely offered by trashy females – children, daughters.Home is a cage in which no pleasures are permitted, where hopes and freedoms expire.

After a delay, Ritts requested that State Supreme Court Justice Craig Doran, who is overseeing the case, allow the girl's therapist to sit with her for therapeutic reasons while she was on the stand — a request Doran granted.

Muslims who condemn the exploitation, in their eyes, bring shame on the community. The one question nobody asks is how these men have been treating their sisters and wives.

Most of them behave just as abominably and cruelly indoors as they do outside when they prey on young flesh. Some – a small minority – do feel a kind of love for the women and girls in the family but many have monstrous views on sexual equality and feminine desire.

On the second day of Lee Kaplan’s sexual-abuse trial, a girl took the stand to describe summers swimming in Kaplan’s backyard pool, learning history from documentaries, tending to the chickens, picking fruit from trees — and having sex with the man 37 years her senior beginning when she was 10 or 11.

“Because he told me.” Over two days, a parade of witnesses have described the extraordinary hold Kaplan had over the once-Amish Stoltzfus family, centered on God, education, and marriage to the underage daughters.

Thursday’s testimony at the trial before Bucks County Court Judge Jeffrey L.

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