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Long considered a taboo in heterosexual circles, oral-anal sex, or anilingus—known colloquially as "tossing salad," "rimming," and "eating booty"—has been a steady topic of conversation over the past few months.

Trend pieces have been written in Instragram'd (then promptly deleted) a picture of himself licking a model's ass with the caption "Eat da booty!

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What has been the cause of this shift in attitudes? And, perhaps most interestingly, who is and who isn't 'eating da booty,' and whose booty is getting eaten?

The origins of the current booty-eating moment—at least within hip-hop culture—can be traced to a series of interviews with Louisana-rapper Kevin Gates.

The rising star is celebrating his latest achievement. Although, fans have been waiting for quite some time, so just keep on waiting.

Naturally, the turn toward publicly embracing anal pleasures among heterosexuals is not without its critics, many of whom call anything involving that region "gross," "dirty" and/or "gay." The sudden popularity of eating booty brings an array of questions to the fore—Is this a 'queering' of straight sex?

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The competition began with 27 contestants and was eventually narrowed down to 15 finalists via an online public vote. As the Miss Bum Bum winner, Canela receives ,000 in endorsement deals. Canela also has her prominent posterior featured on social media, with an Instagram account that has 191,000 followers as of this report.

As The Miss Bum Bum contest was first created by journalist and entrepreneur Cacau Oliver to help determine the best derriere in all of Brazil.

It turns out that Cam’s “rock the cradle” touchdown dance was a direct reference to their new child.

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