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Make a date with yourself first by picking one or two activities outside of academia where you can meet people.

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Other students are so swamped with homework, internships, jobs and campus activities that they don’t have a lot of time to socialize.On "," a new website made only for grad students, students can select which schools they'd like to date students from, and only those students will be shown their profile, and vice versa.The site's founder explained its selective premise to the NYT by saying that "his generation was bred to attend the best schools, maximize revenues and grab the most gilded opportunities, even in matters of the heart." What's funny about this new "elite" dating website that supposedly will pre-screen your dates for you by the school they went to (so that it's easy for the best and the brightest to date people that are the same caliber as them) is that its owners are making the website sound like 1) kids with good educations and similar backgrounds are having a hard time finding one another. And 2) it's going to deliver you the top echelon of the dating world.The creators of the app emphasize "OFFline dating," discouraging the typical back-and-forth chats that occur via mobile devices."Just say what you want to do, find someone who wants to go (or let them find you), and get offline," they Date My School promotes a safe, private way for users to meet other students with similar interests through screening and verifying profiles.Still others may be a bit shy and have trouble meeting new people in person.

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