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He attributes his interest in drawing the supernatural and monsters to Shigeru Mizuki's Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro and Bleach's focus on unique weaponry and battle scenes to Masami Kurumada's Saint Seiya, both manga Kubo enjoyed as a boy.

Other characters from the series also use different languages to describe their terminology; the powers from the Quincy are taken from German, while Hollows and Arrancar instead use Spanish terms; for the latter, Kubo believed that the language sounded "bewitching" and "mellow" and that felt appropriate for a species of ghost.

You looked it over slightly horrified then looked at Ichigo. ” You held up the poor plushie and got a growl in response. “See you guys in thirty.” You looked at the door then at the Arrancar who licked his lips and looked like a cat ready to pounce. “Well, unless you don’t want to.” His smirk faded and eagerness disappeared. I mean, uh, we’re not even, really uhm, dating.” You couldn’t help but stutter. You pulled it out and looked at it, realizing it was an eye.

“That’s not mine.” A chuckle came from the other side of the room. “Closet or-” “Bedroom.” You blushed with his automatic response followed by his signature smirk. You squealed, dropped it and jumped back.“You’re lucky that that doesn’t hurt.” You knew who it was before you even looked up. By looking up, you confirmed your guess when locked eyes with Ulquiorra as he brushed off his eye and put it back in its place.“Well this is awkward. ”“The closet.” You and Ulqui actually agreed on something.

‘Shit.’ You made your way up and reached in the bag. You felt around trying to find something you recognized. Suddenly you heard yelling from downstairs and Grimmjow pulled back, breaking the kiss. ” He looked behind him at the door, contemplating whether or not he wanted to go find out. After a few minutes you broke for air, still hearing yelling going on. “Sorry to end you guys early, but, uh, Grimmjow, you kind of have to leave. Originally the item was going to be Ichigo's, since he hates the nickname Strawberry, but then I decided that that would be something Grimmy would do. Intro:…Bleach belongs to You belong to Story belongs to I will know if you steal this. So I have been reading Grimmjow fan fiction all day and tho was the best thing I've come across.

You looked over the strawberry plushie with a knife in it. “My first cherry popping.” He lifted you up and tossed you onto the bed. “Well, I mean, I-I wouldn’t mind, but I uh, think it’s a little soon though. How about this, we have a little make-out session then I ask you out and we fuck another time.” He crawled on top of you, gently pushing you down at the same time. You’ve really only met him once and he was battling Ichigo so you didn’t really get to talk to him. I also like the written reaction between him and the reader aka me. Bleach seven minutes in heaven: Ulquiorra“And the first contestant will be ________! ‘Shit.’ You made your way up and reached in the bag. You reached around and felt what seemed like a wet ball.

I got into my car and sped down the roadway to the auditorium. The pink haired idiot created a camera, but it’s on an arrancar who will follow this Tsukiko chick.

Szayel turned on the monitor and there was live feed from the arrancar.

Kubo has cited influences for elements of Bleach ranging from other manga series to music, foreign language, architecture, and film.The names of several Arrancar are based on famous architects and designers who inspired scenery appearing in Bleach. 3It has been two days since I was forced to come into this realm Hueco Mundo. Within those two years, I had tested to become a captain six times.There was the girl driving in a car down a highway.“Excellent,” said Aizen. Now you all know wha Something Precious (Sephiroth Love Story) Ch.1Name: Sophia Rhapsodos Age: 21Looks: Picture (your hair is naturally brown but turns red when you power up).“Yea, there pretty strong, but so are you” you attempted to cheer him up. Grimmjow and Ulquiorra step out of it directly in front of you and Ichigo.

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