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In 2003, Iraqi Kurdistan was included in the new Iraqi constitution as a federal state enjoying the status of a region with its own president and its own parliament.

Iraqi Kurdistan is somehow safe, protected by police and army checkpoints.

Its governorate has a permanent population of approximately 1.61 million as of 2011 At the heart of the city is the ancient Citadel of Arbil.

The earliest historical reference to the region dates to the Ur III dynasty of Sumer, when king Shulgi mentioned the city of Urbilum, the ancient Assyrian name of modern-day Arbil.

Following the Arab conquest of Persia, Assyria as a geo-political entity (then known as Assuristan/Athura) slowly dissolved, and during medieval times the city came to be ruled by the Seljuk and Ottoman Turks.

In July 2014, Erbil Citadel was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Most people have an Iraq with war in mind, the only Iraq they have seen on TV.

In fact, many regions in Iraq do live moments of tension and war, but in some areas more than others. The northern part of the country, which maintains a de facto independence since the first Gulf War in 1991, is actually very safe and well protected.

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Ryan was cast in the role of Robert Sugden in the autumn of 2014.This area is currently the most prosperous and richest in Iraq with a recent economic boom in terms of infrastructure and human conditions.This region is located in the north and the only way of access is through Turkey, on the Ibrahim Khalil border.Ryan appeared in other television shows such as Titanic (2012) and Father Brown (2013-).He has also acted in films most notably Devils Pass (2013).Ryan left drama school at 21 winning bit parts on TV.

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