Heath ledger dating britney spears


He is probably best known, however, for his over-the-top role as “Cousin Eddie,” Chevy Chase’s schlemiel cousin-in-law in the comedies—something which irks him.

"The child was trapped and secured by the seatbelt and the ATV's safety netting.It's #tbt, so here are some of our favorite couples from 2004!A decade ago, there were some long-term Hollywood romances we forgot about and some flings we didn't even know about. In honor of Throwback Thursday, here are 15 couples from 2004: Usher and Naomi Campbell Their short lived romance ended in and -- like most breakups -- there are two sides to this story.Initial reports suggested Jamie Lynn's child with ex-boyfriend Casey Aldridge had been on a hunting expedition, but authorities reveal the accident happened on family property, as the 25-year-old mum and Maddie's stepfather Jamie Watson looked on in horror.According to the police report from Sheriff Daniel Edwards, Maddie had swerved to avoid running into a drainage ditch.“Are either of you mentally unstable, schizophrenic, or on drugs? “We’re tall people, and the legroom is important.”Randy Quaid, who is 60, was nominated for an Oscar for (2005).

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