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The virus is divided into four major serotypes (adr, adw, ayr, ayw) based on antigenic epitopes present on its envelope proteins.

These serotypes are based on a common determinant (a) and two mutually exclusive determinant pairs (d/y and w/r).

That means that once you have HIV, you have it for life.

No safe and effective cure currently exists, but scientists are working hard to find one, and remain hopeful.

On the issue of waning immunity: I'm not sure where you saw data that showed no antibodies in half of immunized children after three years.

The hepatitis B virus is classified as the type species of the Orthohepadnavirus, which contains three other species: the Ground squirrel hepatitis virus, Woodchuck hepatitis virus, and the Woolly monkey hepatitis B virus.

The genus is classified as part of the Hepadnaviridae family, which contains two other genera, the Avihepadnavirus and a second which has yet to be assigned.

It is not easy to tell other singles that you have Hepatitis. We hope to help you by providing advice, community, friendships and many other cool features.

It's definately not all serious stuff though since you are not alone, There are approximately 5,000,000 people, in the United States living with Hepatitis (and over 120,000,000 worldwide). Hepatitis Articles |Hep C Dating Whois Server Version 2.0 Domain names in the and domains can now be registered with many different competing registrars.

In fact, it was prepared from very small group of very carefully screened donors working for the drug company, and then subjected to an unprecedented number of different heat and chemical sterilization proceduces, each of which which would have killed HIV many times over. At that time, they were still using vaccine from a pool which had been collected many years before, before AIDS broke out, and not from the population it broke out IN. Fox) Newsgroups: Subject: Re: [Rubella on the rise in the U.

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