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Every year we always try to add some new elements to our productions and with this wall it makes it very easy to add new things without having to spend too much money or time.” After the panels were installed, an extra challenge arose however that was not entirely expected.

Because El Paso has a very dry and arid climate, static charge became an issue.

Books are the main elements to the design aesthetic at Fox’s Animation Domination High-Def production studios in Hollywood.

Lots of ’em, and all courtesy of the abundant, curated collection of late Capricorn Records co-founder Phil Walden, father-in-law to ADHD head Nick Weidenfeld.

WASHINGTON, DC—In the most dramatic leap in television technology since the advent of color in the 1950s, on Monday the FCC approved a 10-year plan to shift to digital, high-definition TV, technology which will make barely watchable crap far sharper and more detailed than ever before.

"This is a monumental breakthrough," said Magnavox vice-president Gene Kalman, demonstrating a prototype of the new HDTV. Though the ,500 price tag makes crystal-clear viewing of intelligence-insulting swill possible only for the very well-off, prices are expected to drop dramatically in the next five years.

LONDON—Excitedly informing fans that the iconic pop group was back with more original music, Ringo Starr announced Tuesday that on June 16 he would be releasing a 26th Beatles album titled ‘Moonbeam Sunday’ with an all-new backing band.

LOS ANGELES—Revealing for the first time how everything went pretty much according to plan, Cameron Diaz finally opened up in a wide-ranging interview Monday about her more or less positive show business experience.

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MGA worked closely with ALFC's lead video/lighting tech Jimmy Salas throughout the decision-making, design and installation of the new Elation EZ6 video wall.The ministry sought to improve the quality of the auditorium stage's visual backdrop and recently installed a large high-definition LED video wall by Elation Professional.Design and systems integration company Michael Garrison Associates (MGA), who has a history of cooperation with the church dating back to 2004, replaced the mega-church's original center projection screen with a 6mm pixel pitch EZ6 LED screen that produces high definition video.LOS ANGELES—In an effort to generate hype for the upcoming release, pop icon Beyonce unexpectedly debuted a teaser foot Thursday ahead of the highly anticipated birth of her twins, sources confirmed.LOS ANGELES—Signaling a dramatic shift in public opinion, a new report released Monday by the Entertainment Research Council revealed that more Americans than ever are willing to accept a female Wonder Woman."This atrocious episode of Sliders almost looks like it will leap off the screen, and it wasn't even shot in the new format." The first generation of the format, Sony's "TV-H," will be available in U. "By the year 2005," said Bob Rowell, president of the American Association of Broadcasters, "90 percent of American homes will watch their favorite mind-numbing swill on a high-definition TV." "Soon, your children will be able to watch shrill, grating Hanna-Barbera re-runs on the Cartoon Network with a degree of crispness unheard of when you first watched that crap in the '70s," Rowell said.

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