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The Belgrade Fortress and Church of Saint Sava are two of the best things to do in Belgrade, while beyond the city there are mountains to climb, islands to paddle to and Roman ruins to explore.

Read our top five suggestions for a fantastic Serbia travel experience: Explore the Belgrade Fortress The site of many-a bloody battle, more than six million souls are said to have died fighting over what is one of the world’s oldest fortresses.

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Free to enter, head to the Upper Town to see the best-preserved ramparts and gates, then visit the art pavilion and adjacent Belgrade Zoo before joining locals to watch the sun set over the Sava and Danube rivers.

Picnic on Avala Mountain A modest 511-metres tall and just ten miles south of Belgrade, this protected nature reserve is a popular spot for summer picnics.

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For those wanting to know the real-life inspiration for Ian Fleming's James Bond, here it is — the remarkable life of British double-agent Dusko Popov, the Serbian playboy who enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle during World War II serving the British MI5 and MI6, the German Abwehr and the FBI."World War II offers us far more interesting, amusing and subtle examples of intelligence work than any writer of spy stories can devise," noted Rear Admiral John Godfrey, Fleming's boss in Naval Intelligence.

Popov's virtuoso skills seduced the Nazis as well, and the British initially had him steal money from them as part of a laundering scheme.

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