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Keep in mind that some of these tips work for all i OS devices.Apart from the above two methods, Loveless recommended the following tips for conserving your i Phone's battery life:1.It also wouldn’t surprise us if Facebook cottons on to the method and finds a way around it in the near future.If you’ve not already downloaded the Messenger app you will be prompted to get it when you head into the normal Facebook app.Not only is the app refreshing/pulling new data at all times to update news feed and posts in real-time, but its Messenger feature requires a full-time connection in order to service voice calling and instant messaging over Wi-Fi in the US and other markets.That means Facebook for i OS is draining battery life on purpose and not by accident.

To get started, open the Messenger app, open a group chat, then tap the plus sign button in the bottom left corner of the conversation. After that, you can then choose who to send or request money from.Facebook's Messenger app has slowly evolved out of Facebook chat into its own independent beast.We've got details below on new features that are being added to keep you up to date.In a post published by its newsroom, details of the tests included one-to-one 'secret' conversations that can only be read on the devices they're sent between.These messages will be stored on the devices and not on Facebook's servers.For reasons that are unclear to anyone outside of Facebook, the i OS and Android apps recently started making a ton of noise.

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