Internet dating expert


You don’t want to start off your exciting new relationship with a lie – this doesn’t bode well for the future.”This goes for the visual representation, too.

I’ve also helped create many interesting studies; anonymously surveying Elite Singles members in order to understand more about what singles today expect from their relationships and allowing us all to get a clearer picture of love in the digital age.

Message someone "hey," and you'll probably be ignored.

Send the wrong emoji — or apparently any at all if you're male — and you're as good as gone.

One of the experts we work the most closely with is our Elite Singles psychologist, Salama Marine. I received my Master's degree in France, from the Paris College of Psychological Practioners.

I’ve spent the last three years working with people who are looking for love: people who have questions about their single life or about building healthy relationships.

I want to offer the right relationship advice to help guide them to success.

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