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You’ll find everyone umming and awing over this one for a while, because choosing that perfect selection is next to impossible.22.

Which three songs would you listen to for the rest of your life, if you had to pick?

If you’re sitting, cross your legs in his direction with your free foot facing toward him. If you have an air of confidence and the posture and mannerisms to back it up, you will absolutely intrigue us. Don’t say thanks and run, but chat about it and learn more about each other. If I see a beautiful woman across the bar, but she’s falling all over herself and might spew at any second, it’s not a good time to approach her.

After all, it took him a lot of courage to approach you! A totally inebriated woman can have a slew of problems.

How much do you actually want to know about them- and how far is taking it too far? As well as scouting out some potentially awesome new eateries, you can find a way to make a friend-date out of this one, as they might have this one dish that they totally have to show you…5. Bringing up a recent, fun experience is a great way to bond, and this one we’ll really get them thinking about what made them happy.6. Everyone has that one friend from childhood who’s just been around since forever. Gauging someone’s taste in movies can be fun, and a good way to work out if you share interests.8. Everyone has a certain cuisine that just makes their stomach turn, and you’d be surprised at the bizarre answers you’ll get to this seemingly straightforward question.9. Everyone likes talking about and remembering that one time that their mom, boyfriend, or best friend was so on the ball with their thoughtfulness game- find out what gift really made them feel special.10. Apart from the lucky few who could always afford their own places, everyone has a roommate-from-hell story- just pray that they aren’t talking about one that they still live with! How would you describe yourself in five words or less? And we’re not just talking dogs and cats here- if there’s any animal that they think would be perfect for their lifestyle, they’ve got to spit it out now. Whether it was something as simple as moving away from home for the first time, to quitting their job to take off around the world, seeing what their most adventurous moment is will tell you a lot about them as people.24. You’ll find a lot to laugh about with this fun question, as they might come up with something embarrassing, funny, or just plain funny that they did in the name of cunning.25. This is a fun question, one that will let you know what they deem high-five worthy, and one that will hopefully grab you a fun anecdote into the bargain.45. You might be flattering them here, but why not: find out which story secretly makes them feel like the Fonz whenever they tell it.46. Would they like something more stable, like a cool apartment or suburban house, or are they more adventurous, preferring to eke out a living in a caravan? You’ll be surprised at the strong reactions this garners.50. You can replace “burger” with any foodstuff, basically, and still take great joy in seeing their eyes glaze over as they recall the finest one they’ve ever had the pleasure of putting in their face. Best not to ask a night owl this if it’s before midday.53. This one is bound to send some shudders down their spine; what exactly flips their switches and turns them into a quivering wreck of a human being?

What do you say to them once you’d actually got them on their own? This can be very revealing- do they want intellectual chat or a good flirt? What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? What you’re asking, basically, is which song they were looking out of a window and listening to on the bus this morning, thinking “this is totally about me”.48. Maybe they’re a really good dancer and you’re going to be put to shame, or perhaps they rock seriously old-school, terrible moves that you can get down with.49. Do they rock it with strawberry and cream, or go old-school with plain chocolate? Maybe they’ve got more of a sweet tooth and would go for chocolate over chips; either way, find out what’s top of their shopping list after a hard day at the offce.52. Prepare to be jealous at their ability to party up late, or get to work on time, depending on their answer. You’ll be surprised at how obscure these answers can get thanks to those weird range of things that tickle people, as they giggle their way through what particular scenes had them rolling in the aisles.55. Not everyone would jump at the chance to go to space, but everyone has dreamt about flitting off to another world, if only for a bit of peace and quiet.56. It could be anything from The Muppets Movie to The Little Mermaid, but we all have a movie that we saw growing that still has the power to enchant us even today.57. Simple, really: once they name the song, put it on to find out if they’re telling the truth.58. Hopefully they’ll be wearing it for easy identification, but if not you can demand the chance to swoon over it some other time.59. Be nice: don’t use this against them at a later date, no matter how tempting it might be to freak them out in a clown costume.60. Would they consider going back to the bosom of their familial home, and what would be the circumstances that drove them there?

Asking a girl out – The shy guy’s guide Firstly, bide your time.

Play a sweet little waiting game, and like a cat waiting for the mice to come out and play, wait.

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It’s a red flag the size of Central Park: Men want to meet happy women and want to meet ones who are unhappy 24/7.Now I’m sure there are people reading this saying, “That’s the whole point of relationships! ” I agree that in a great relationship, you give and you take and you’re there for each other.What I absolutely do not agree with is that there’s some point where you think that you can stop one another.The best way to ask a girl out, especially if you’re shy and feel uneasy about making a move is to play it slow.By doing this, you can actually let the girl know you’re interested in her without having to deal with the pressure of asking her out face to face.a few tactics you can use to keep him interested during those critical first few minutes, which increases your odds of scoring a date. Unfortunately, many women tend to turn away when they like someone, and avoid looking directly at them. Whether you’re checking out a guy who hasn’t seen you yet, or started talking to one, make sure you look into his eyes for an extra few seconds. Yes, men love short skirts and spaghetti strap dresses. A fresh pedi in strappy sandals does it for us too. A good rule of thumb is the bigger your boobs, the less you want them pushed up or hanging out, otherwise you could send the wrong message.

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