Is chili still dating lassi

I confess, I never really knew exactly what a lassi really was before cooking school.Please tell me there are other people out there that don’t know??If we hadn't had that sack of dwarf bread we'd" Rincewind: "never have been able to club the sharks to death?Skinny Mango Lassi is a lightened up version of the classic Indian smoothie-style drink.The hot foods we're most familiar with are mostly from three groups — the Brassicas (cabbage, turnips, radishes and relatives), the Capsicums (chile peppers, related to tomatoes, potatoes, and nightshade in the Solanaceae family), and the Piperaceae (black pepper and a couple of exotic relatives like long pepper and cubeb).(There's also spices like cinnamon and ginger, but except for things like cinnamon candy, they're better known for their overall flavor than just the heat.) Rincewind: "Dwarf bread? That's what kept us going across thousands of miles of shark-infested ocean.Burgeoning Korean-style fried chicken chain Bon Chon Chicken, which is already thriving in Manhattan, Fort Lee, New Jersey and Annandale, Virginia, has introduced “the purest form of fried chicken” to Koreatown.

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Here’s a list of 15 places where you can get all kinds of party bites, for every type of celebration. Mex Out is your one-stop shop for fresh, authentic Mexican fare.Expect typical brasserie dishes like plateaux fruits de mer (seafood platter), roast chicken and fish soup. Anisette Brasserie, 225 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, 310-395-3200.Michael Cigliano and his partners plan to move Santa Monica Seafood across town by fall 2008 to occupy a larger retail space and café.Set designer Monte Hollis has fashioned an interior that showcases antique mirrors, mosaic tile floors and a 36-foot-long zinc bar.Chef Giraud will focus on market-driven French fare, with seasonal daily specials.Even the most competent of cooks might not have the confidence, or time, to single-handedly whip up an entire feast for 20-odd people.

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