Is sarah silverman really dating matt damon


"She dated Jimmy Kimmel for five years, and made love to me for two incredible minutes," Damon introduced the comedienne, who co-starred in the celebrity-packed hit spoof, "I'm f--king Matt Damon." PHOTOS: Lavish A-list weddings When asked to describe her relationship with Kimmel, Silverman joked, "You know when you're in New York and you pass by those hot dog vendors and you're like, ' I'm not going to eat this.

It's not good for me.' And then the smell gets to you and you can't help yourself. Then later on you're puking and you're just like, ' Why did I put this inside me?

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have carried on a fun feud over the years and things have really heated up in the weeks leading up to Kimmel’s Oscars gig. Years ago, Kimmel dated comedienne Sarah Silverman and fans may remember when Silverman came out with a little song titled “I’m Fucking Matt Damon”.

Kimmel later retaliated with a skit, teaming up with Damon’s famous BFF Ben Affleck.

Damon references the joke at the end of the Silverman song.

The song was released in February and Silverman and Kimmel ended their five year relationship in July, but Sarah, who’s not generally known for her manners or compassion, knew who to thank in her acceptance speech.

Sarah and Damon’s song was much better, but Jimmy’s video had an amazing number of cameos including Brad Pitt as a Fed Ex delivery guy, a We-Are-The-World-style sing along with more names than I can count, and Harrison Ford being very un Harrison Ford-like as he speeds away in a convertible.

The Damon-Kimmel “feud” goes back to September 2006, when Damon delivered a very convincing tirade on Kimmel for bumping him from the show… Although I’ve never seen it substantiated, I think Matt Damon showed just how good an actor he is in the closing credits of that show.

Originally recorded for then boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, the song became a internet hit and spurred a rebuttal video from Kimmel, claiming he was f’cking Ben Affleck.

“Let’s be honest, Matt Damon had very little to do with this being popular,” Silverman, 37, said while accepting her award at the Creative Arts Emmys for the salty music video “I’m F—— Matt Damon” at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

“Thanks to the person for whom this whole video was made: Jimmy Kimmel, who broke my heart – , who’ll always have a place in my heart,” Silverman continued.

PHOTOS: Hollywood's friendliest exes In August 2012, Kimmel proposed to Mc Nearney, a co-head writer on , whom he began dating in 2009.

(Kimmel has two children with ex-wife Gina, whom he was married to for 14 years until they divorced in 2002.) PHOTOS: Celebrity exes reunited In January, Silverman made a special appearance on when Matt Damon hijacked the show from Kimmel.

No, the biggest clue that being famous is like being on the indoor-track team in high school was actually Jimmy Kimmel’s brilliant musical debut, “I’m Fucking Ben Affleck.” It was, of course, a follow-up to Sarah Silverman’s “I’m Fucking Matt Damon,” and although the musical caliber is a lot lower, the self-loving celebrity rate is off the charts.

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