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The pair, nicknamed Rachel and Steve, arrived home in late April and have begun their courtship rituals; Steve is gathering sticks and soft nest lining materials such as lichensand bark and Rachel is using these prepare the nest for eggs which are expected any day.

Osprey are the only birds of prey whose diet consists almost entirely of fish.

The Northern Maine Regional Airport at Presque Isle webcam below is the best available in our database.

This Northern Maine Regional Airport at Presque Isle webcam and those cams nearby are not operated by, however please let us know if the Northern Maine Regional Airport at Presque Isle webcam is dead or frequently offline.

Pups are born with a longhaired white coat which they will shed three to four weeks after birth.Rachel will do most of the incubating and during this time, Steve will provide her with most of her meals.Their bonding will lead to upwards of 160 mating attempts through the weeks that will eventually produce a clutch of two to four eggs.If you know of a better webcam for this location then please let us know and we'll update our records.Gray seals, also known as Atlantic seals or horsehead seals, are native to the north Atlantic Ocean. Gray seals feed on a wide variety of marine animals such as fish, squid, and crustaceans.They are sociable animals that form colonies for breeding and feeding. Cod, flatfish, skates, and herring are the primary their primary prey and adult gray seals can consume up to 12 pounds of fish in a single day.

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