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The same goes for California-born makeup artist/singer Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen, AKA Miss Fame, who was on the same season and impressed with her (and his) chiseled features.As a couple of dudes, these two pals are a knockout.Here are 10 of the best looking drag queens, whether in heels or flats.RHEA LITRE He conquered West Hollywood, and fine-boned Joshua Miller works his magic here, too, as the very real-yet-somehow ethereal Rhea Litre. PEARLThe "been-there" queen from Drag Race's last season, the entertainingly jaded Matthew James Lent, made it to the top three as Pearl, and it didn't exactly hurt when nude photos of the Florida-born performer leaked out. VIOLET CHACHKI AND MISS FAMEViolet (the femme creation of Jason Dardo) won the top prize on Drag Race last time around, and it turns out he's a winner as a man, too.She was previously signed to Guadalupe's independent label Perfect Image Records which was distributed by Universal Music Latino.The Flashback Tour was launched in September 2005 to promote the album.

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Now, let Berkeley International be another one of them.

Featuring content dating back to 1995, when she was still a part of the all-male group The Noise, the album includes four new pieces of work all produced by Rafi Mercenario, the genre's most requested record producer at the time.

The four tracks were written and recorded after the end of Queen's nine-year marriage to Omar Navarro, months before the album's release.

Nigella caused a sensation while hosting a charity fashion gala in Whitehall, easily stealing the limelight from the gaggle of supermodels present.

Stunning: Nigella Lawson shows how it's done in a cleavage enhancing red number Miss Black wore the daring plunging gown while attending the Emeralds and Ivy Ball for Cancer Research UK at Battersea Park on Sunday night.

Lyrically, the remaining sixteen tracks tell stories of female empowerment, love and heartbreak and sociopolitical criticism.

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