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Jackson, a victim of a targeted sexual assault when she was 19, now directs the only registered lesbian and bisexual women's organization in Jamaica and is determined to help others recover from sexual crimes targeting female homosexuals, including so-called “corrective rapes” intended to force them into becoming heterosexual or punish them for not fitting societal norms.

(AP Photo/David Mc Fadden) KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — When Angeline Jackson and a friend were ambushed at gunpoint and sexually assaulted on a wooded trail outside the Jamaican capital, police initially seemed less concerned about the attack than the fact she is a lesbian.

Sources indicated that many police killings were unreported, with police meting out the justice they see as unavailable through the judicial system.

In most shooting incidents, police alleged that the victims were carrying firearms and opened fire on them.

In generally free and fair elections in September 2007, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) won 32 of the 60 seats in the House of Representatives, and JLP leader Bruce Golding was sworn in as prime minister.

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Jackson says she was targeted by a small group of anti-gay rapists who posed as lesbians on an Internet chatroom and lured the two women to the remote footpath.The response to her attack inspired Jackson to take action.Now, the 25-year-old woman directs Jamaica's only registered organization for lesbians and bisexual women.While the government generally respected the human rights of its citizens, there were serious problems in some areas, including unlawful killings committed by members of the security forces, abuse of detainees and prisoners by police and prison guards, poor prison and jail conditions, impunity for police who committed crimes, an overburdened judicial system and frequent lengthy delays in trials, violence and discrimination against women, trafficking in persons, and violence against person based on their suspected or known sexual orientation.RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTSSection 1 Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom From:a.In many cases, however, eyewitness testimony contradicted the police accounts.

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