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But in "Stay," the visuals are crucial to the movie's point of view and ultimately to its meaning.

Now it's summer, and she has a job at a local TV station.

Janeanne is like watching a train wreck, and not the entertaining kind. Two or three years earlier, I recall hearing her go on about the elaborate surveillance to which she was subjected, continuously, every where.

She clearly is intelligent but she needs a stylist. I wish she would pull a Rachel Maddow and spiff it up a bit so people would take her more seriously.

The camera operator has no notion of how to frame a shot, how to hold the camera steady, or how to choose subject matter.

The result looks like something that might have been obtained by the Monkeycam on the Letterman program. This is, in fact, footage for a documentary that the film's heroine is shooting about her friends and their current situation in life.

The reason you might not have heard of it is because it isn't as advertised as other movies, because it doesn't have the type of budget to advertise itself.

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