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When the guy your mother warned you about is exactly the guy you're looking for, the usual rules of dating aren't going to help you out much!

Learn from one girl's mistakes - and she's made some doozies - as you find out what life is like for a single woman today in the world of dominance, submission, BDSM, fetish and kink.

"As a single kinky girl on the prowl, I found The Kinky Girl's Guide to Dating invaluable.

The aim is to get her to the point where, she’s jumping on top of you BEGGING you to bang her brains out. Be VERY gentle, the softer you can do this the more passionate it will feel and the more turned on she will become.

Every now and again you need to mix the teasing up with being both firm AND gentle, so she doesn’t know what’s coming next (this will spice things up in no time). When you start kissing her boobs, always kiss around the nipples first on either side, then look up at her as you FINALLY lick her nipples.

If you are regular reader of this web site, then it’s highly likely you are kinky. And you likely spend a good amount of time playing with it, fantasizing about it, or living it.

This outstanding resource is the book I wished had been around when I first started lingering over the leather goods and looking for action.

This awesome guide is destined to become any kinky girl's well-thumbed, dog-eared sidekick." - Violet Blue, Senior Book Reviewer, Good Vibrations "It's tough enough to face going to a beach with a new date for the first time.

It's even tougher if you have to explain the whip marks peeking out of your bikini...

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