Lauren london and cassie dating


'I didn't do it mum, you have got to get me out,' a hysterical Ms Sainsbury said, according to Ms Evans.'She is just so scared that she is caught up on the other side of the world for something she didn't do with no support over there, no nothing,' Ms Evans told the Today Show.

The Adelaide personal trainer was denied bail and is being held at the El Buen Pastor prison, which houses over 50,000 women.

Beginning her career in music videos and later transitioning into film and television acting, London earned recognition for her performance in the 2006 film ATL as well as the television shows 90210 and Entourage.

Word on the curb is that Lauren London (who’s rumored to be pregnant) and her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle have called it quits!

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Lauren Nicole London (born December 5, 1984) is an American film actress, model, television personality and occasional television actress.I feel incomplete if I don’t have a Bible with me.”TAPE OF PROPHECY“Last year, everyone was talking about this guy Louis who prophesizes through the spirit and prays over you. That day definitely changed my life.”UGG BOOTS“An artist by the name of Jonah was inspired and asked m... Somehow in the very candid interview, he had her talking about relationships and why she refused to go on dates. Copyright © 2006-2008 : Lauren London Jewel Magazine Pictures Lauren London Jewel Magazine Photos Lauren London covers and is featured in the latest issue of Jewel magazine.I think some people are blessed with the gift of sight, and you’ll know the real from the fake. Meagan Good, Lauren London, and Teyana Taylor have been handpicked to shoot Caramel and it starts production this summer. s about teenagers and their cars, and their cliques. London will be starring in the upcoming movie called Next Day Air which is a dark comedy about a mis-delivered package of drugs. Lauren London brings her glamorous game to the cover of Jewel Magazine. The beautiful Lauren London covers this month’s Jewel Magazine and talks about getting her heart broken and what she looks for in a man.And when it came to baby daddy Lil' Wayne, Lauren said she doesn't understand why people are so fascinated with her past relationship.She later revealed that she's known him since she was 15 and no one knew about their relationship because she wasn't in the public eye.Ms Evans said Ms Sainsbury's Colombian lawyer, who used to be the Mayor of Bogota, has advised the young woman plead guilty to avoid 25 years behind bars at her hearing in two months.

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