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3, 2012, when he and four friends broke into a house, hoping to steal some money. None of the teens expected an armed homeowner to be inside. And all four of the surviving teens were charged and convicted for the death.

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Move the business out of the shadows by giving it government oversight.The case of four young men from Elkhart, who are each serving a five-decade sentence for a murder they did not commit, brings attention to a decades-old controversial and highly criticized but widely used doctr ELKHART — April Sparks was waiting in line to pre-pay for gas at a 7-Eleven store when she overheard a conversation she didn't want to hear."They don't deserve that," the cashier said."They should spend their lives in prison," the customer in front of her said. The small community 160 miles north of Indianapolis seemed split on the fates of four teenagers catapulted into unwanted fame because of one stupid mistake. Sparks left, quietly, and went elsewhere to buy gas.Her son's life changed forever on the afternoon of Oct. But the homeowner, who was sleeping upstairs, did rush downstairs and did fire a handgun — killing one of the teens.Recent cases in Colorado and Washington are the first known instances of current or former pot regulators being accused of having improper dealings with the industry.The two recreational marijuana states are the nation's oldest, approving legal weed in defiance of federal law in 2012. Justice Department's attention, former Colorado marijuana enforcement officer Renee Rayton is accused of helping pot growers raise plants for illegal out-of-state sales.After using Duo for about a week, I can say it is among the best video-chat apps around.

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