Mandating drip irrigation


A drip system operates quietly, which is an advantage, but that means you can't tell by sound whether it is operating as it should.

Emitters sometimes get blocked by small dirt particles, and the only indication you might have that one isn't functioning is when the grass around it begins to die.

All Website orders placed after 3pm (PST) Friday June 30th, will be shipped on Wednesday, July 5th. Sprinklers, which spray water into the air where it is easily evaporated or lost to the wind, are inherently inefficient.They spread water over large areas, regardless of whether there are roots throughout the area to absorb it.The fact that a drip emitter waters only a localized area gives you flexibility when placing them.You can space them farther apart in poorly draining soil to avoid overwatering, and you can arrange them in a configuration that ensures that all parts of the lawn get enough water.Continuing its last spree of reforms before the code of conduct for the General Elections kicks in, the government on Thursday notified the much-awaited provisions mandating companies to plough back at least 2 per cent of their net profit on upliftment of the society.

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