Media player album art not updating


I have many MP3's with embedded cover art in them (bought them like that) When Windows Media Player plays one of these, sometimes it displays the correct cover but most of the time, it displays the cover from a song that was previously played, sometimes several days before! And it survived and recent reinstall of Windows 7 (hard drive crash).My problem is similar to this one but no solution has been posted.For some reason, the first thing I tried was to use a different program.Instead of MP3Tag, I tried Media Monkey and added the album art that way, which seemed to have worked. Even though it worked, I really like MP3Tag, so I figured there had to be something in the program I could change to get it to work.I have also experienced the time bar along the bottom freezing but the music carrying on as normal.Restarting the app usually solves this but this is far from ideal.If I try to reproduce the problem at this moment, what happens is that when I double-click on a MP3 in Windows Explorer (Windows 7, WMP12 not already running), the cover that will be displayed is from a MP3 I played earlier in the week, which we'll call (A).The cover display in the status bar of Windows Explorer is correct though.

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) it created it (from the embedded MP3 cover) after 15s!

I do remember having another behaviour closer to the one described in the link, that is, Windows Media Player was lagging always one cover art, displaying the art of the previous song, but maybe that was with WMP11, I can't remember Did anyone experience this problem and found a solution? The only solution I can think of is placing different albums in different directories.

This way the TL; DR: see 2 possible solutions at the bottom As noted by Nithin Philipps, the problem lies with the fact that all these MP3 were in the same folder and shared the same and Album Art

The songs appear fine in i Tunes with the correct details and album art.

I reset Groove and made it scan the music directories again but the problem remains. It's not something I've experienced and so I'm probably going to be of little help.

After doing some research and playing around with some settings, I was able to get the artwork to show up properly in Windows.

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