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With better rates, no hidden fees, and built-in security features, our suite of On Point Visa Enjoy premium reward options, exclusive VIP access, discounts and more.

Plus for every dollar you spend, earn: 3 points on travel, 2 points on dining, and 1.25 points on everything else.

Contactless payment debit cards allow users to pay for goods costing £20 or less by touching the card on a contactless Pin reader.

Transactions are typically much quicker, as no signature or Pin verification is needed.

Understandably, our reader was keen to obtain a contactless debit card from her bank.

The cards are particularly useful for TFL travel, as a contactless card can be used instead of an oyster card, which is handy for those who leave their oyster cards at home, or forget to top-up.

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I became a customer of Barclays last summer, and was not sent a contactless payment card.

When I initially approached Barclays, the bank wouldn't tell me why the customer had been denied a contactless payment card without conducting an investigation into her case, but said that the majority of the debit cards issued last year automatically had the contactless facility.

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