My avg is not updating twitterfeed not updating facebook


If it's not, Win 10 replaces it with Windows Defender. If yours was up to date with the latest definitions, Win 10 shouldn't have replaced it.

Just for the record, the best thing about Defender is that, since there's no paid version, it doesn't need to constantly remind you that it's protecting you or try to sell you an upgrade.

If you've previously canceled an update partway through, for example, it can interfere with future updates.

I am currently running Norton and Super Antispyware and I can't update either. Before the infection, this was not a problem, all updates were automatic.

In my experience, Defender and Anti-Malware Bytes is a good combo.

Keeping your computer safe from viruses is extremely important, especially if your computer is connected to the Internet.

Links to popular antivirus programs are listed further down this same page.

Some antivirus programs do not include an update utility.

my os is windows vista basic, windows defender is on windows firewall is on , i get windows security alert telling me my avg anti virus (malware protection) is off.

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