My space cams


They were usually taken at a high angle with an actual camera, as opposed to a smartphone, and may or may not have featured a little sign you wrote about how much you love your bestie.

People wrote detailed “About me” sections and believed people would read them and selected a song for their profile assuming people would listen (they didn’t.

American Airlines Center and its food and beverage concessionaires have adopted an alcohol policy that is designed to protect guests and the community from alcohol-related incidents.

In addition to our responsible alcohol service guidelines below, American Airlines Center offers the Good Sport Designated Driver Program at most major sporting events.

As the pivot point for one of the world’s hubs for innovation, the Space Needle is heightening guests’ ability to discover Seattle in one-of-a-kind ways and share those interactions with the world. Look for the special spots around the Needle’s base and Observation Deck.

Download the Space Needle app and see the spots come to life!

It was quite a common interaction online and even in real life to ask someone if they were on Myspace and if they could be your friend. Myspace was launched in 2003 by Chris De Wolfe and Tom Anderson (also known as Your Friend Tom because he is added by default to your friends list) and became popular very quickly – particularly among cool teens and hip young adults.

The site went through several redesigns (especially as the users started leaving) but largely had the same basic principles with your main profile area being the main page.

To take the trip a little further down memory lane, selfies were posted all over Myspace before selfie was even a word!

From its start as a sketch on a cocktail napkin, the Space Needle has stood tall as a beacon for “what if” thinking.

Today, the Needle is taking that spirit above and beyond with new experiences that deliver more interaction, insights, connections, smiles and “wow”.

Kamkar pleaded guilty to a felony charge of computer hacking in Los Angeles Superior Court, and was prohibited from using a computer for three years.

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