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She makes almost 0 in the 45 minutes I'm with her, and she doesn't do much besides talk to me (offscreen) about camming.

Eevie—like many of the models I spoke to for this article—broadcasts herself through the site My Free Cams, or MFC.

What's even sadder is that we're no stranger to stories like this.

She's wearing a little black dress and drinking merlot from a shatterproof wineglass one of her viewers sent her after she'd broken a real one on camera.

RATs are perfect for surveillance, which is probably why the FBI has used similar malware to infect the computers of suspects in criminal investigations, court records have shown.

Comey’s admission about putting tape over his webcam got the immediate attention of a privacy activist who pointed out the irony of his statement.

An almost naked man doing a Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball swing, a group traversing the piste on a sofa, a dog wearing a hoodie – either Obergurgl-Hochgurgl just happened to host every creative photobomber on the planet last season, or the video it's compiled of the best moments "accidentally" captured by on-slope webcams is totally set up.

The video, complete with mock stern captions for the alleged photobombers ("Please stop it now, idiots"), was released to coincide with the Austrian resort's opening for the 2015/16 ski season on November 12.

It now has a brand new layout with dozens of interesting and useful features.

That’s probably a good idea for someone as high-profile as Comey, as spies and hackers have made a habit of going after government officials and hacking their personal accounts.

Hackers can use malicious software called a remote access trojan (RAT) to take over your computer, record your conversations, or even turn on your webcam to spy on you.

While police and child protection experts are dealing with at least one case every day of children being ensnared in serious cases of “sexting”, including grooming attempts by paedophiles.

• Sexting: Serious case of young sex images 'every day', say investigators The NCA's centre for tackling abuse, CEOP Command, receives on average one report a day of a child protection issue linked to sexting.

Christopher Soghoian, a senior technologist and policy analyst with the ACLU, tweeted that Comey had created a “warrant-proof webcam,” and jabbed Comey with tweets saying “patriots don’t cover their webcams” and “anti lawful surveillance of webcam tech” (tape) is widely available.

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