Olsen twin dating older man

Ashley Olsen and twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen--once known as the Olsen twins--are both dating much older men.Might this be one of those 'twin' things like knowing when the other one is in pain or sad?Fraternal twins come from two separate eggs and sperm.

The Olsen twins are known for their penchant for dating older men.

Ashley Olsen's boyfriend is director Bennett Miller.

He is nineteen years her senior at forty-seven years old. Mary-Kate Olsen is engaged to French businessman Olivier Sakozy--who is the half brother of the former president of France.

Despite all the finger pointing by critics the last two years, the couple was already living together in a .25 million townhouse in New York's Lower East Side.

Both of the twins are tiny, which makes the relationship photos that much more disturbing.

twin, who was 15 years younger than he was, for fear that the big age gap would tarnish his image.

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