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That led to Konefal and others coming to help eliminate waste, said Beverly Saffron, Lippert’s facility manager for Plant 39.

In the warehouse at CCS, the volunteers repainted, relabeled and rearranged the warehouse.

In late 2016, Christine Montgomery was selling goods at a craft fair and the Soup of Success booth was near hers.

She became aware of the program that helps women learn business practices and job skills.

Photo provided Editor's note: In honor of the Best Week Ever celebration in South Bend, The Tribune all week is running the Best News Ever -- stories about people providing inspiration or making a difference in the community.

To learn more about Best Week Ever, and a schedule of events, go to bestweekever2017But Richhart’s life was also changed in the process, given what he witnessed and the people he met there.

How many people will actually confess to past crimes or indiscretions when trying to attract a new partner?

Do not let yourself become a victim of a Catfish scheme.

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'I love you, I want to be with you for the rest of my life.' Lots of passion and lots of attention.

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employees who have helped at Church Community Services are, from left to right, top to bottom: Jake Stover, Milo Konefal, Beverly Saffron, Brittany Johnson, Matt Townsend and Christine Montgomery. She can tell a potential employer that she learned about how to treat customers as part of her 20 weeks of job-readiness training in the Soup of Success program at Church Community Services, an Elkhart nonprofit that provides financial and food assistance, as well as education programs, for those in need.

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