Pbx not updating sipadditional


Also do not get complacent and update without advance planning. it took some time to track down the rogue changes that were made to the web server conf file.

Our PBX is "Avaya IP Office" and I have a SIP account but no XMPP account enabled.I'd need to know a little bit more about how these "system" contacts were added in the first place for me to be able to diagnose how to get them updated should this be possible.Let me know a little more about your configuration and I should be able to help you.In this case, should the roster get updated at the server then it should show within Bria as well.Bria can also access contact information if you are connected to a directory (either AD or LDAP), but you have to manually add contacts from a connected directory to the Bria contacts themselves if this is the case.It can be changed in any time on other tariff plan. Check the call quality making test call, and make payment.

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