Pc companion not updating xperia s

If you are looking for the Sony Xperia Mac Companion please click here.

hello everyone, A while back i wanted to try a custom rom ( xzx 2 ) so i followed multiple tutos here about unlocking bootloader and rooting. After a while i wanted to get back to the official rom and undo all changes ( rom / kernel / root ) but i had accidently deleted my backups.

The trouble with smart phones, as they become ever more advanced and similar to computers, is keeping them up to date.

If not, you should try installing Sony PC Companion: It should automatically detect your device and install the appropriate drivers.

So what i did was i downloaded the sony emma flash tool to reinstall custom roms.

It worked fine and i think it even unrooted my phone. Please Copy The Files Given Below to C:\Flashtool\firmwares folder. Please Go Through This Guide Given Here in This Link. HOW TO FLASH STOCK ROMs WITH FLASHTOOL -- Well first thank you for trying to help me out.

I found out that you must put your phone in Mass Storage mode, as default is MTP mode. And I spent hours trying all sorts of things reading posts. No need to Update drivers, no need to change the android_

Settings / Xperia / USB Connectivity / USB Connection Mode and select MASS Storage, not MTP. You may need to kill before trying again adb devices.

While this resolves the issue for other Xperia Z5 users, some are still unable to access the Play Store despite performing the reset.

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