Poker tracker error updating database


Cool thing is if you have pokertracker then it will also take auto notes for you (or if you have notecaddy with HM).FYI, anyone who has the bovada converter is going to get 25% off the price for the card catcher HUD.Many of the past compatibility problems associated with Windows and Postgre SQL can be solved by using our latest Combo installer.

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, each new table that is added, a new unique ID is attached to each player / seat number.

So the data is specific to that player that you're playing against on that table.

If a player leaves, and a new player sits, then a new unique ID is created and new stats begin to get generated for that player / seat number.

update prepare-git to check for license header and copyright.

wikify wiki page for windows install for with and without installer (based on website) (steffen) wiki page for gentoo install (based on website) finish updating filelist/wiki it finish todos in git instructions/wiki it change tabledesign VALIGN and add link to webpage howto remote DB move all user docs to wiki (steffen) contributor list on webpage validate webpage Wiki page for updating (carl) pgsql recreate doesnt work, and it may not store version field on creation if using sql file with pgadmin.

When this option is selected, Holdem Manager will close and you will be taken to the Postgre SQL login screen.

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