Pregnant chatcams

April was due in mid-February, according to her zoo.

However, Animal Adventure Park officials reminded the public that a giraffe's average gestation period is around 15 months — making it difficult to get the timing exactly right.

The lights are out in the enclosure, but there are still 163,000 people watching.5.07pm BST: April's vet just entered the enclosure to check the baby's condition and heart rate.

Everything seemed fine.4.32pm BST: The new live stream is up and running.

The famous giraffe is keeping her fans on the edge of their seats as she reaches the final stages of pregnancy at long last.

The soon-to-be mom paced to and fro in her pen and occasionally licked the emerging calf while Oliver, the baby's father, surveyed the scene from the pen next door. April immediately bent down to tend to the little one.The Animal Adventure Park posted an evening update on Wednesday, saying April is showing “significant” belly movement.An animal park in upstate New York has gone viral with a streaming video of a pregnant giraffe named April.The long-time girlfriend of Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton is expecting the couple’s second child together, and Kia looks as though she’s breezing right through these nine months.Newton’s parents broke the news of the pregnancy in December, with proud grandma Jackie Newton telling NBC’s Charlotte affiliate, “I have no idea what this one’s going to be called, but we’ll be happy.”Cam and Kia’s first son, Chosen Sebastian Newton, just turned 1 on Christmas Eve and it doesn’t look like the pair has too much time before their second bundle arrives.Check out a couple more shots from the photoshoot below.

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