Psoriasis dating community


My advice to other people would be to just and ignore the comments.

Usually people are just being genuine and don’t know any better so explain to them what is going on and try not to take it personally – easier sad than done I know!

The first treatment you try may not be the solution.

Caregivers and health care professionals are also part of our community. VIEW PSORIASIS STORIES Check out this month’s featured topic in the community.

Join the Plaque community to share your own experiences and learn from others. From celebrating Psoriasis Awareness Month to taking part in fun challenges, we’ve got plenty of ways to help you set goals, get inspired, and connect with others.

Plaque Psoriasis may leave you feeling frustrated and lonely, but there are thousands of people living with psoriasis facing the same challenges as you every day.

Our community is your community–people living with psoriasis and thriving in spite of their health condition.

It itches so bad it hurts and I constantly look like I'm in a snow storm, very embarrassing, any suggestions besides shaving my head?

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