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A collection of alternate takes and deleted material from the Paul Thomas Anderson film Punch-Drunk Love (2002) are compiled and matched with the Jon Brion song "Here We Go" in this ...

See full summary » Five people's lives that are curiously intertwined happen to all be at a diner at the same time.

Then I landed a full-time studio gig where I shoot catalogues, look-books and product photography which further grew my skills..

I’ve been doing editorial work and test shoots every weekend or days I have free ever since, and have slowly been growing my kit. Using a Chimera Octa 2 Beauty Dish or Broncolor Octabox 150cm.

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There's something about this episode that created a visceral reaction in me. ET: From the audience’s standpoint, there was a strong sense that you knew something terrible was going to happen, and that whatever took place, you couldn’t go back from that.Moments after the two had sex, Pope did the only thing he could think of to protect his family name, suffocating Catherine with her own pillow and burying her in a ditch -- all while Lena was asleep in the car.Hatosy jumped on the phone with ET to discuss Tuesday’s game-changing episode, why Pope killed Catherine and what this means for the Cody family and the rest of the series moving forward.This plate would be awesome to use with some bright neons, pairing splashes of colors with darker grungy stamping.Since I am not in a neon mood lately (winter blues), I made two very simple stamping looks with the plate Make Your Mark 02.ET: What was your initial reaction when you read that Pope was going to kill Catherine?

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