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A host can create a reference archive of meetings and make the recordings available to attendees.When you record a meeting, consider the following: Adobe Connect administrators can change recording settings to adhere to standards for governance.If a problem occurs during the recording, an error message appears in the upper-right corner of the window.You can try to reconnect to the conference audio, record the meeting without audio, or stop recording the meeting.Best, Mark @markandrus any update on the recording preview in dashboard? I tried here : https:// But this page is not working and show permission required [email protected] Group Rooms and Recordings are now in Public Beta as of May 18.But solving other people's tech problems for a hobby? Yet that's what hundreds of hardcore geeks from around the world do: volunteer their time to help solve your tech problems.

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While talking with our Lync team about training subjects to cover, I realized I hadn’t blogged about Chat in a while. It’s a very useful part of Lync Server (especially in 2013).After recording a meeting or training session, you can use the built-in editor to remove sections of the recording.People have all kinds of hobbies they're passionate about.For those of you who used IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Group Chat was almost identical. It’s right there on Lync’s top nav bar, between Contacts and Conversation History. Both allow for multiple users to chat, share links or files, and so on. Think of a chat log like notes from a meeting – valuable insight from those events, captured for everyone’s future reference. Next post, I’ll show you how to use Persistent Chat in Lync, and list some potential uses you can derive from it. Do you currently use Persistent Chat or Group Chat? But that same functionality also meant Group Chat was a less flexible, less dynamic communication tool than Lync’s Instant Messaging. Persistent Chat is now an included server role in Lync Server 2013. (For a how-to, visit Matt Landis’ blog: Step by Step Installing Lync Server 2013 Persistent Chat Collocated on Standard Edition Front End – Windows PBX & UC Blog) Chat Room functionality is also built into the Lync 2013 desktop client. Create a chat room in Lync, or access existing rooms (those you have permission to access, of course! I’ll cover specifics on how to use chat rooms in the next post. “Why would we use Persistent Chat in the first place? But Instant Message and Persistent Chat aren’t quite the same. Also, IM logs are stored locally, in your own Conversation History. That URL you shared appears to be for the now deprecated "Conversations" product.

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