Regular expression for validating url in javascript

NET Regular Expression API Free Tools Advanced Topics Conclusion Resources About the Author Support for regular expressions in the Microsoft®.NET Framework is first-class, and even just within Microsoft® ASP. NET Regular Expression API Summary: Regular expressions are an extremely useful tool for working with text.Introduction Brief History of Regular Expressions Simple Expressions Quantifiers Metacharacters Character Classes Predefined Set Metacharacters Sample Expressions Validation in ASP.The tokens supported by the regular expression validator are listed in the following table.This token represents the value of the object that is being validated.Even go so far as to point out WHAT did not check out in the regexp check, but do NOT stop them from submitting the form.But keep in mind that one should not rely only upon Java Script validation. This should be validated on the server side as well.

I think Regex is only good for a rudimentary validation. (14 printed pages) Download the source code for this article. Whether you need to validate user input, search for patterns within strings, or reformat text in powerful ways, regular expressions can help.If you include both a Message Template value and a Message Temeplate Resource Name value, the Message Template value takes precedence.This property sets the option to use when validating a pattern.Possible values are None, Ignore Case, Multiline, Explicit Capture, Compiled, Singleline, ECMAScript, Culture Invariant, Ignore Pattern White Space, and Right To Left. Reg Ex Resource Name - If you do not want to use the Pattern property to hard-code a regular expression (perhaps for internationalization), you can use a regular expression stored in the application resources.

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