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He also wears a dark green belt, long white socks, a gold chain, and brown sandals.Aside from being moderately built, he has no other distinguishing features.I also like television because I can play generally better roles in television. It’s great doing scenes with Quinn and Chelah is a wonderful actress. So far, I would say that I would prefer theater and television to film, because when I am doing a film, often, it is a compromise and in some way I am trying to trick myself somewhere into a better part somewhere along the line. Our story continues and it goes quite deep; there is a lot of her in the second season. Well, I suppose, what attracted me was the fact that on paper he’s purely a bad guy especially in Episode 1 and from the character description which would certainly be enough at this stage to just make me say “no” to something like this, especially a long running series.

Rufus sat down to chat about his character and the show. Someone who wanted to be a good man who thought he was a good man, who tried to be a good man, who signed up to an evil system. When I was offered this part, I suddenly realized that any desire I had to really explore the light and dark of a personality, to explore what I was capable of, that this was actually a better platform for it than playing some not-very-well-written good guy in a not very good thing. I love occasionally doing plays, because normally that is a form for me to be involved in great writing.

California is voting on whether to join the United States of America as a state. During the fight with a gunman named Jacob Mc Givens, he briefly loses his mask.

A pair of Pinkerton agents sees his face and recognize him.

By Justin Kroll Producer Mickey Liddell has set up "The Occult" with Rufus Sewell, Anne Heche and newcomer Alycia Debnam-Carey in final negotiations to star in the thriller, which Christian Christiansen will direct.

Chris is Satan's new boyfriend after he seemingly killed Saddam Hussein. However, as Satan seems to like the way Chris treats him, he is not sexually attracted to him and often calls him a pussy.

In the episode "Probably", Chris and Saddam Hussein are both competing for the love of Satan.

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