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It was an honor," he explained."I grew up with two gay aunts and a gay uncle. She was a proud woman and she didn’t get proper care because she didn’t want to be away from her partner.

Hospitals didn’t allow partners the same rights as a spouse,” said Johnathon.“When you have someone you love in your life that is gay or a lesbian it’s very clear that they deserve the same rights as anyone else.

There's a faction among us who might say that people like Michael Sam would ruin the sanctity of marriage should gay marriage be made legal nationwide.

But those people obviously aren't looking at the frequent break-ups taking place in Hollywood.

SCHAECH: This version of him has got a sense of humor to him, and he stands up for anybody who can’t stand up for themselves. He’s not necessarily good, but he will take you out, if you’re bad. When it comes to this character, do you find him by reading the comics or looking at what’s in the script, or is it more about getting in the wardrobe, putting on the make-up and getting on the set? He studies up on whatever he’s playing, as much as he can.

And then, he takes the material in front of him and applies that knowledge to it, and lets everything go in the moment. I read as much as I possibly could and I had the material memorized, and then I was just in the moment with all of the great little tools that he has. Anything that has to do with physics, algebra or chemistry, he has no clue about it, which is sort of like me with the internet.

I knew that I had a great take on the character, but I’m not the best reader. Having already been familiar with Jonah Hex from the comics, does that make take on a role like this more intimidating or more exciting? Well, you don’t take on anything unless there’s fear.

I come from a different generation of readers, and this was a younger show, so I wasn’t so certain how they would view my approach. If you’re afraid of something, you definitely have to try to tackle it.

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’” "And my fear was that no, no they wouldn’t, and then it made me feel ashamed that I was hiding something.""It made me feel ashamed that I couldn’t feel honest and really be who I am, and I just didn’t want to pretend to be somebody else anymore so that people would like me."Following her decision to step into the role of her true self, Ellen then went on to pursue the love of her life, Portia de Rossi.

It's not about religion," he continued, before adding: "If you don’t love ELLEN now — you don’t watch her show.

She’s a great example for the human race."Ellen and Johnathon were pictured holding hands and gazing into each others eyes on the red carpet at the 1995 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Johnathon Schaech is opening up about his past with Ellen De Generes.

The 46-year-old actor explained his relationship with the 58-year-old television personality in a Reddit AMA on Monday.

During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, actor Johnathon Schaech talked about having read Jonah Hex comics growing up, stepping into the shoes of the character, why he enjoys this version of him, the current predicament he finds himself in, how Jonah Hex feels about the change in leadership for the Legends, and his hope that the character will return. Rock and various DC players that I grew up with, and Jonah Hex being one of them, which was fun.

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