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Alternatively, there is a weekly flight to Krk, but you will still need to take the ferry and drive.But once you feel the Mediterranean sun on your back and watch the Adriatic sparkling at you through a glass of chilled Istrian white wine — ideally at the Borik Bar on the beach — it will all seem worthwhile.Electronic (EIS) and optical (OIS) stabilization technologies work in harmony to ensure that pictures and videos are crisp and smooth, while a robust manual model and RAW image support are sure to satisfy even the most discerning photography enthusiast.Our exclusive technologies effortlessly capture the ideal shot, no matter the environment.Losinj’s reputation for health and wellness has some merit.In the 19th century, Ambroz Haracic, a scientist, studied the local climate and concluded that Losinj was the healthiest spot in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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Without any celebrated cultural icons to boast about, Losinj may not compete with the likes of Dubrovnik or Split. It offers the classic Mediterranean idyll, perfect baroque fishing villages, terrific food, superb climate, warm clear seas, an ancient way of life, low prices, uncrowded beaches (a rarity in Croatia) and no poisonous snakes.

One possible reason for Losinj’s obscurity is the journey to get there.

It has no international airport, so you have to fly to Zagreb, drive 99 miles, take a car ferry and then drive for another hour.

And that journey has one advantage; it discourages crowds.

All five hotels on the island — in descending order of poshness, the Bellevue (opens July 2014), the Punta, the Aurora, Vespera and Alhambra — are dedicated to rejuvenation, de-stressing and recharging.

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