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Opening the Mother’s Day card last year from my husband, Derek*, my heart sank.

We’d been married for more than 15 years, and I was the mom of his two young children — but he hadn’t even thought to buy me flowers, let alone jewelry.

When Lynn walked over to the car in front of her house, she thought perhaps the driver was lost.

Instead, she went into shock as the man inside proceeded to tell her that his wife Becca and her husband Mike were having an affair. Alysias* husband of two-and-a-half years was always on the internet.

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It made me feel old, like I was losing my sexiness. Derek is only 48, but he might as well be in his 70s — he’s always tired and unmotivated.But I remember he said sex, that was the biggest thing.When Lynn asked the man in the car why he was telling her this, he said, Your husband ruined my life, so I want to ruin his.Meeting Women Online Flirting Online Sealing the Deal Community Q&A Want to know how to cultivate a magnetic and electric personality that'll make women want to be with you?You can learn to meet women, thrill them with your virtual chatting skills, and seal the deal for a hook-up. D.answering your questions about sexual side effects of breast cancer and breast cancer treatment, and what you can do about them.

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