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As she encroaches on her suspected intruder (Visnjic), her agent (Shepard) and cop/lover (Piazza) begin to think she is taking things too far with her personal investigation.Country Megaticket is the hottest country music festival including Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert and Sugarland take to the stage to bring what is sure to be the most existed experience of the year for country music fans!t’s the birth of my first child, and I’m seven, maybe eight hours into labor. The nurse crosses her arms in front of her chest while I squat over the toilet, one hand hoisting my hospital gown up toward my enormous belly, the other dangling the plastic cup in an area I can’t even see. If there’s one thing I’ve mastered during pregnancy, it’s peeing into cups.Whatever time it is, I’m well past the point of caring about modesty, so I don’t even think it’s strange when a nurse follows me into the bathroom. My obstetrician’s office required a urine sample at most every visit to check hormone levels."I wrote a letter and gave it to her, and she gave it to him, and he gave me permission, and then I gave him cowrite on the song," says Elson."Im pretty stoked to have a cowrite with Sam Shepard. I don't know how I managed to get away with it." Whatever the title of Camille Thoman's debut feature film, the psychological thriller will premiere at the LA Film Festival on June 18th.As she’s yelling I start to wonder why I’m fighting with her, why I’m bothering to try to maintain this relationship that only produces lies and heartache. He had been the peacemaker who always stood as the buffer between my mother and me, between her abusive alcoholic rages and my fury at her actions.I’m trying because when Russ’ health started getting bad and his dementia began taking over his mind, he asked me to take care of her. I know that keeping my promise to him means living with the constant abuse, manipulation and lies from my mother for the rest of my life, and that’s something I don’t know that I can do without Russ.

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But my doctor is concerned about the baby’s heartbeat – it drops dramatically every time I have a contraction – and so I am confined to a labor bed, an IV of fluids in my arm, an oxygen mask on my face, and belts stretched across my belly to monitor the baby. My doula rubs lavender essential oil on my temples, and my husband plays “Push It,” the Spotify playlist I created for labor and delivery.

Ready to compromise, since we might be from different cultures.

A man who is honest, sincere, loyal, likes to be active and outdoors, intelligent and with a sense of humor.

“Just so you know, you’ve tested positive…” The nurse pauses there, and shifts her eyes to the floor. I expect she’s going to say something about the whirring machines that have been measuring the baby’s heartbeat, my contractions, my blood pressure, any of those things. “Well, I’ve always been a positive person,” I say, because cracking awful jokes is what I do to pave over uncomfortable situations. At this point I’m 42 weeks, so I’ve peed into dozens, maybe scores, of sample cups.

“For methamphetamine.” Relief floods me, and I explode with laughter. That’s probably why I wasn’t even aware the hospital administered a drug test when I checked in to give birth.

I’m surprised that her mom has seen it, but mine already told me about what happened. The story reports that my mother had been arrested the previous day for firing a gun while intoxicated at in the morning. I spoke to my mother yesterday and she said nothing about being in jail.

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