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The Guild could not do its work and produce the variety of events each year without the help and support of its key Corporate Partners.We are deeply grateful to them, and we encourage all of our members and event participants to patronize their businesses. Lauderdale and West Hollywood we’ve all heard the same question: “Where did the gays go?

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The bird keepers believe the inseparable pair has been together since the 1990s.

20 and 46 (the zoo names animals with numbers) follow each other around, eat with each other, and will even protect each other during those markedly tense flamingo arguments. You see, flamingos are notorious for nest stealing, which means no one ever quite knows which egg belongs to which couple, and the zookeepers actually choose what parents raise the eggs.

The baby was lovingly named "50," presumably after the rapper/lover of flamingos.

And according to the keepers, 50 recently turned 1 and has since left home to go be a man, a young flamingo ritual almost as old as time. The couple is still together and even earned the award for "Best Flamingo Parents in the Atlanta Zoo," an accolade surely not strictly...

All of them are designed to attract members of the LGBTQ community from around the globe. Key West has ignored stereotypes and refused to see boundaries for centuries.

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