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I guess I thought I was confused, or bi, or whatever. I still remember the overwhelming sense of relief I had after telling her. A few days later I told my cousin, two best mates and my dad. After I told these people, I decided to post it on Facebook.Honestly, it wasn’t really because I wanted to tell everyone.As you can see by the following short profiles, these sites targeting a demographic with two traits in common (gay men) are all very different.Just as there’s a wide diversity of gay men in the world, there may well be ample room for a variety of gay male social networking sites – presuming they are able to build sufficient critical mass for monetization and financial viability. It wasn't something "pointless to share," it's a question, so I put it in here.I'm not trying to be annoying, I really was curious if there's something to be worried about when someone does this stuff. A girl This is something that has also perplexed me.Among 11,191 sexually active MSM, 76% reported a casual male partner. Lower number of casual partners was associated with black race, Hispanic ethnicity, and having a main sex partner in the previous year.

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For many years, I’d believed that people in my town wouldn’t tolerate anyone gay.

] are experiencing a resurgence in HIV transmissions since at least 2000.

In the United States, MSM of color, especially younger MSM, are particularly affected in terms of new HIV infections in recent years [].

Niche social networks are likely a viable business because they allow specialized functionality and a subjective community feel as opposed to general interest sites that defer to either the lowest common denominator or the 15-25 year old demographic.

Many people want to participate in social networks, but many people prefer networks set up for people they can relate to. From the proudly professional to the happily hedonistic, there may be something on this list for everyone – or at least everyone who’s a gay man.

We were contacted today by the founder of the soon to launch social network for gay men Big

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