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Winter may be on its way out, but treadmill season stays around forever.

Unul dintre aceştia este Cosmin Băsăşteanu (24 de ani), cel alături de care, în toamna lui 2010, Alexandra lansa superhitul “Mr Saxobeat”.Contactat telefonic, Cosmin Băsăşteanu nu a dorit să comenteze prea mult situaţia: “Deocamdată mă judec cu ei, de aceea nu vreau să fac nici un comentariu pe această temă”.După ce Cosmin a părăsit echipa, el a fost înlocuit imediat.Cameron remarks, “well Lars really knows how to make a movie.”Cameron: a.m. Today I see a lot of young art girls (and boys) taking sexy selfies in various states of undress. NPR on…-Brian Lehrer –/Islamophobia and antisemitism -Air Asia crash -Traffic dangers in NYI work remotely from home for a company based in California. where they’re located so people won’t start getting in for another hour (Noon my time). These are real engineers and developers unlike me who’s a hack (not a hacker) and they didn’t do a good job of covering their tracks I guess? Melissa shows me that Florent messaged her that Cura posted our show in Brussels to their website. Lots of funny little pokes at Fox news on Twitter and people ridiculing this guy. p.m. He was a magician (I think about David Blaine for a sec). p.m. I’m into how this show came out, and I like a lot of the artists/designers involved.The guy who helps me out is on vacation in Florida for 10 days so I’ll probably have more work to do than usual but this is also why I don’t mind sleeping in. I open my shitty “work” laptop (Dell) that they provided me. This is pretty much how I use the Internet.e How – how to get a Vcut. It was because Melissa was playing the new D’Angelo album and I remembered the video for How Does it Feel… is , which is the book I’m reading by Huysmans. We read it but are not into what they wrote (and I’m not into the way they posted the photos). Marlie Mul probably “won,” though, with the cheese grater dress. She is probably a heartbroken freshman at NYU and wears PINK boxers rolled up several times so they are shorter, while creating a crumpled/bulging waistline.Body by Body is a collaboration between Melissa Sachs and Cameron Soren.

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