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For the far fewer Egyptian women than men on these sites, however, secrecy is also part of the game: Most women interviewed requested anonymity because they feared for their reputations if family, friends, or colleagues knew they dated or met partners online.And while in Egypt Tinder profiles advertising shirtless men with cars, police and military officers, and older men with rings on their fingers are standard, cases of swipes to the right turning to marriage remain rare.

More recently, also legal scholars have touted social norms as efficient alternatives to legal rules, as they may internalize negative externalities and provide signaling mechanisms at little or no cost (Ellickson 1991; Posner 2000).

Here are a few of the most common scenarios of where smart women can get caught up in in bad relationships: (If you have a unique scenario that doesn’t quite fit in with the examples above, by all means please comment and share! ) Scenario #1: “The Con Man or Player” Man and woman meet, get close and the man starts telling the woman there is a crisis in his life and he needs money right away or he won’t be able to avert some disaster. He has shown her he has a job and reliable friends, maybe he’s even shown her fancy cars or taken her to look at million dollar properties he’s considering buying.

So she figures he’s legit and will be able to pay her back, just as he says he will.

She requested anonymity because of the stigma against dating and sex outside of marriage in socially conservative Egypt.

Despite that stigma, in recent years Tinder and online dating websites like Ok Cupid have become increasingly popular among upper- and middle-class Egyptians looking to find anything from hookups and sex to dates to new acquaintances in Cairo, Egypt’s chaotic capital of over 20 million people.

Sexual health education, meanwhile, is practically non-existent, and nearly all Egyptian women have experienced sexual harassment.

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