Speed dating workout professional dating vancouver

You will have never experienced a gym session, or indeed a Valentine’s Day, quite like it.Then once you've worked up a sweat and the endorphins are flowing, everyone is invited out for a group meal to a top local restaurant.The circuit workout will include standing shoulder press, battle ropes, dumbbell squats and barbell hip raises, hanging leg raises, planks and an intense stint on the Watt Bike.

Whether you're looking for that special someone who shares your passion for fitness, or you just fancy a fun Valentine's night out, this could be for you.For UP speed daters, it's going to be the workout of their lives - fast-paced, frenetic and fun.The one-off session will see would-be couples put through their paces together by UP's world-class personal trainers - and hopefully, sparks will fly.Don't be too straightforward and earn two hearts to score.Remember when your mom would yell at you to “sit up straight! While annoying, she was trying to look out for you.And according to this article, her advice might lead to more than just a healthy back.

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