Svetlana 43 dating


Interests and hobbies I am a Slavic woman born in Ukraine who lives in Uman, in Eastern Europe . Looking for I am a single Russian speaking bride who lives in Ukraine . He should be responsible, to be honest, he must be a real man.I do not want him to be a model of a fashion magazine.I am a simple man with high values ​​of life and who cherish family relations and wants her future wife happy woman in the world..

I am kind, reliable, honest and decent man with a and a great desire to love. I m pretty calm and beautiful lady with a good sense of humor.I am easy-going person and I always get along with people.I wasn't aware I was on any dating sites but that's fine, it was a pleasurable to receiving your letter and the photograph which came attached to it (the letter). I don't often get emails from girls like you where I am. My brother really fell for it hard, we had to call out the fire brigade after he got his meaty fork stuck in an easy-glide drawer. I see that we are interested the friend in the friend more and more, and I think that you share my belief Richard.Richard you very good friend, you can understand me, and I think, that it is the important part of a life. Today I have met the old acquaintance, her name Oksana. She has certainly become agitated for me, has told that now the Internet is overflowed by a deceit and lie!!!I will send a picture in my next letter so you could see what I look like, and I will be happy to get some back of you. I wish to pass to easier and amusing theme, let's speak about meal!! I take a great interest in a healthy food, I will not write now all dishes which I can prepare because it can occupy all the day! It's funny you should say about falling in love with a Russian kitchen, that's exactly what happened to my brother.

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