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Possibly the oldest yoga instructor in India, Nanammal teaches yoga to more than 100 students on a daily basis, and her students include people from all age groups.

Nanammal started to learn the basics of yoga from her father, who was a martial artist, from the early age of eight.

The list of most populous towns in Tamil Nadu provides the population of towns in Tamil Nadu, the 7th largest state in India.

The state has 32 districts, 12 municipal corporations and 146 municipalities.

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In urban areas, the governance is done by municipal corporations, municipalities or town panchayats based on the size of the town. These administrative units are classified based on the district.My husband was a Siddha practitioner and was into agriculture and cultivation.This is how my liking for naturopathy had its inception, even after my marriage.Our report will be a status report and not recommendatory for any plan of action,” he added.A team of around 150 Income Tax officials began their search operations at the residences and business premises of Vijayabaskar, his relatives and associates.“Rs 3.5 crore in cash was seized from Nainar Mohammed, one of the confidants of Vijayabaskar.It claims that within 10 minutes of taking the urine test, a woman will be able to tell her baby's gender.

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