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Persistent rates of hunger, increasing rates of diet-related illnesses, loss of farmland and fewer food producers are just some of the reasons that the idea of food as an area of municipal governance is gaining traction.

A report published by the Canadian Agricultural Policy Institute in 2013 found that 64 local and regional municipalities in Canada are working to improve the food system in their area, using a mix of municipal policies, programs and civil society interventions.

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Single women (and men seeking insight into the other side) will connect deeply with her words and laugh along with her as she embarks on her perfectly imperfect journey for love.

This French Canadian mature yet youthful woman welcomes you! I enjoy great conversations, use sarcasm I am an artist, I make paintings and poetry and plans for sculpture and other writing coming. I think Toronto is an exciting city and would You could say I´m butch, but I´d describe myself as a gentleman. I´m straightforward, fun, romantic - all that good stuff and intimacy too.

Have a website that I can't make work for me just yet and a lot of weird personal and miraculous sh*tfalling through my fingers and mind. I am looking for people to hang out with down here and perhaps somthing more. I actually live 1.5 hours east of Toronto and like to explore The profile guidelines says to be creative .... Hey sweetheart (my future partner or newest friend... The harder we work, the more we have to give and receive but I am learning to work smarter instead I’m a shy & quiet, non-drinking woman who likes to watch TV, read & play cards (euchre and crib being my favorites).

She currently resides in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with two of her best friends.

I am happy, curious, open, loving, romantic, affectionate, independent, optimistic, spiritual and not religious, secure, elegant, flexible, enthusiastic, and extroverted.

We have great communication and just get on so well.

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